Your photos are small. I cant see them properly. How do I distinguish dishes?

When you enter a post, the photos are arranged in a classic mosaic style. This is purely for aesthetics. Click on any photo to enlarge it. When it gets bigger, the menu item name or descprition will appear at the bottom of your screen. You are now in a photographic gallery. Simply use the arrows keys on the screen to slide through each way with the names appearing at the bottom.

Why do you not display pricing – how am I supposed to know what to pay?

We’ve chosen not to display pricing on The Foodie Hub. Pricing is subject to change and we built the website around a sustainable and timeless angle. Although menu items may change the memories are constant, should you require more information about pricing, contact details, opening hours, other people’s views and opinions please click on the Urbanspoon link at the bottom of each page. This will take you to a website that specialises in this detail.

Is the website formatted for Android & iPhone compatibility?

Absolutely. It is formatted for smart phone and tablet devices. Further enhancements are being worked on behind the scenes, we are only in the preliminary stages of our exciting journey.

What industry experience do you have?

We have done work for 2 Fat Indians, Bar Lafayette, Hippo Creek, Frisk Small Bar, Maven Espresso, Jamie’s Italian Australia, Colonial Leisure Group, Small Print, Wild Duck, Co-Op Dining, 3am Thoughts PR, Xarcuteria, Entrust Private Wealth Management, SBPR [Sydney], Gordon St Garage, Devahasdin PR, Antz Inya Pantz & RF Media [Sydney] with a longer list in the pipeline. Our services are simply food & drink photography, feature interviews, & online marketing.

How many website hits does The Foodie Hub receive & what proportion is from Perth?

118,882 website hits [as at 12 April 2013] since opening the doors on August 6, 2012. That is 475 views a day, 3397 views per week , 14409 per month or 43327 per quarter. The great thing about The Foodie Hub is up to 90% of our traffic is local, Perth based. Other websites may have higher numbers and higher browsing rates from outside Western Australia. Our focus for now is within Western Australia.

How do I know how The Foodie Hub ranks amongst similar websites or Blogs?

Urbanspoon.com independently compiles data which records the amount of website traffic a website or Blog attracts. There are 250 registered blogs or websites in Perth on Urbanspoon of which about 100 are active or updated regularly.

Launch date.February 5th, 2014

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