Pesto, Spinach And Tuna on Rye

A sandwich with a difference, the power of a good quality pesto can serve as an excellent base to build a sandwich on! Had the pleasure of receiving a jar of homemade pesto from a colleague of mine, Julia. I asked for the recipe and permission to post on here which got the green light so here it is – superb. Another tip from a colleague & friend Lily is to lightly spread (low fat- Devondale do a 80% reduction in saturated fat now for margarine coming in at 4.2g/100g of saturated fats making it the lightest margarine on the market for Australian readers) margarine on bread – in this case it was a great German Rye Lily had sourced from a Bakery in Fremantle before toasting – the result I am sure you agree is a superior texture to the bread setting up a good perimeter for your sandwich!
Photo stream & progressive visual recipe illustrates the power of the Pesto!

Pesto Recipe:


Combine all ingredients in food processor. Adding more olive oil if needed. It’s good as a dip by its self or add to yogurt/sour cream. Use as a marinade on meat. Add lemon juice and more olive oil and use as a salad dressing. Use in pasta or slow cooks. As a sandwich spread like you did Willo. Or just eat out of the jar like I do.!!! But don’t kiss anyone in a hurry!!!


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One comment on “Pesto, Spinach And Tuna on Rye
  1. melissa says:

    Nice one love the pesto too I put it on everything my 3 and 5 year old eat it straight from the jar

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